By booking our Services you accept all our Terms and Conditions and enter into a legally binding contract, both verbally agreed in person or on the phone, and written in our Terms below.

Please, also note that our Terms and Conditions will always supersede any other Terms and Conditions.

When contacting us you will receive our prices (i.e. call out charges and hourly charges) under fault finding. In some circumstances when we identify a fault in your electrical system it may not be possible to rectify it. If such a situation occurs we will advise you on the best way to solve this particular problem, i.e. to purchase a new part, appliance, etc. Please, be aware that you will still be charged the call-out fee (when it applies) as well as the hourly charge for our labour to identify this fault, even though the fault may not be rectified. 

We would like to remind our customers that by using our Services you are not only paying for the time it took us to complete the job for you, but for over 30 years of experience and knowledge that enabled us to find the fault and rectify it within that short period of time!

In addition to the Terms below, you will also find more of our Terms and Conditions on our Services pages in accordance with the service that you need.

You must be 18 years old or above to book our services. If you are under 18 you are required to have a written consent from your legal guardian or parent (this could be in a form of an email to us) and they must get in touch with us to book.

We reserve the right to record some telephone conversations for training purposes.



Fault finding and install are not the same, there will be a separate charge. So, if you call us out because you had an electrical fault and something went wrong, we will charge you as per fault finding. If you wish for us to do any other electrical jobs in addition to finding and fixing the fault, there will be a separate charge. For this reason, please, advise us, when booking an engineer out.

We charge per hour on fault-finding. This means, if we correct the fault within the hour, we charge for the full hour. Please, bear this in mind.

When carrying out fault-finding or electrical work where you are being charged by the hour, if we have to return we may restart from the same time that we left off from or start at a new time. This would be our decision.

If we have to return to the property and find that the issue was on your side not ours (i.e. a fault has occured with your old electrics or an appliance that is faulty), there will be a charge.

Fault finding for Ovens and Cookers is not the same as for Fault Finding of Electrical Installation. They are totally different and may have a different charge for each. To swap from one to the other there will be an additional charge. Please, bear this in mind.

In appliances that are over 6 years old parts do become more difficult to aquire, simply because of age and because we have left the EU. And if we do manage to order parts from the EU, they tend to take longer now and cost more.

We cannot guarantee 100% that all parts for Ovens, Cookers and Extractor hoods and the like can be acquired. This mainly depends on the age of the equipment and the distributor as well as Brexit/EU Regulations.

If a fault is found within the hour you will be charged the full hour.

If anyone tampers with our work, Certifications, invoice or paperwork at any time will invalidate their guarantee.
Parking Fee will be added.

If we have to pick keys up to carry out work and then return them locally within 2 miles we charge £10.00 plus VAT, please, bear this in mind.

Lighting: for new lights being installed including downlights and lights chased into the wall and ceiling, we recommend using a decorator as we do not decorate. We do install and fit light fixtures such as chandeliers but we do not fit trinkets. Lights, spots, sockets, switches and covers when removed may cause chipping or cracks to walls, ceilings and the like. Please, bear this in mind.



If you have booked a job in and wish to cancel it, then you need to give us sufficient notice because more than likely we have turned other customers away so that we can honour your slot.

If you wish to cancel the job 24 hours beforehand, you will need to call to inform us, do not email us because we will not be able to read our emails whilst driving and working. But if any materials have been ordered on your behalf, there will be a charge. Failure to provide us with sufficient notice will result in a charge, our charge is between £35-£200 plus VAT plus a Call-Out charge. During Festive Seasons we would need more notice.

If you have booked a job and wish to cancel it 48 hours beforehand, you may call us or email us, but if any materials have been ordered on your behalf, there will be a charge.

Failure to provide us with sufficient notice will result in a charge, our charge is between £35.00-£200.00 plus VAT. During Festive Seasons we would need more notice.

For jobs booked in out of office hours and cancelled without sufficient notice there will be a charge.



You must inform us before you book the job in with us if you wish to have your Landlord or Third Party pay for this Service. So that we can notify them or speak to them about how we work and our Terms and Conditions. Please, do not book this and tell the engineer after work is completed. You will be fully responsible for this payment if it is not paid by the third party.

If the customer or a designated person leaves the engineer at the premises and does not supervise the job, any changes or returns to the premises that the engineer has to do, there will be an extra charge, please bear this in mind.

We install/fit Chandelier/lights but we do not fit trinkets.

We reserve the right to record some calls for training and audit purposes.

For cookers/ovens we only give a 30 day warranty on any parts that have been installed. This is due to heat.

For any materials purchased or used on your behalf your invoice will be your guarantee but the receipt belongs to the purchaser, which is us, the company.

If any invoice or certification has been lost or misplaced by the person/company there will be a £35.00 plus VAT administration charge to re-issue. Likewise, any changes to Certifications, after they have been issued, will incur an administration fee of £35.00 plus VAT.

All Certification will be emailed over to the client and we aim to do this within 10 working days. During public holidays such as Christmas, Easter and others the issuing of Certifications/EICR Reports may take longer.

Quotations are only guaranteed for three months.

We take payment straight away. Companies who wish to pay later by invoice must make this very clear before we arrive and before any work has been ordered.



For lamps of any kind and transformers of any kind we only give a 30 day warranty. This is due to heat. These are electrical items, not appliances, please, bear this in mind.

We are VAT registered , please bear this in mind that at the end of the job it will be added to the cost of the job. VAT Number: 248554871

You only pay for one engineer when one is arranged to come out to you unless this has been agreed beforehand or later between both parties.

If we have to post documents we charge a minimum payment of £10.00 plus VAT because this will be recorded. Please, bear this in mind, or £5.00 plus VAT if you want us to just post it, but we take no responsibility for any lost documents.

For insurance purposes and health and safety, we do not remove our shoes.

Once an installation has been passed, it does not mean that it is fault-proof or that nothing will go wrong with the electrical installation within the required re-test time. This test simply verifies that at the time of inspection and test it was safe. It is therefore the customers responsibility to rectify any faults that may occur in the near future.

Certifications we aim to send out within 10 working days of completion of the jobs.  This may differ depending on how busy the season is (Christmas or Easter, etc.).

If we have to return when EICR fails on domestic premises, we will charge a minimum of £100.00 plus VAT. The fee will be more for commercial establishments.

EICRs. The electrics will be turned off during this test. Please, bear this in mind.

EICRs IR Test and C.U./Fuse Board Change. Insulated Resistance Test will be at 250 DC because we do not know what’s on the circuit.

EICR and Smoke Alarms. For more information on Regulations for Landlords concerning Smoke alarms, please, read Q&A Booklet for the private rented sector

We do not give out certifications just for the sake of giving them out. We will only give a Safety Certification once it passes. Fail or pass, we charge the agreed price.

Seven circuits is general for a standard home, this means that we will choose certain circuits to test. This does not mean that all circuits will be tested, but only the ones the engineer decides to test unless the customer specifies in writing to us 48 hours before work commences.

If we have to look for a circuit and still cannot find it, this will be counted as a circuit test because of the time spent. 

A Manual test is part of a Circuit being tested. We charge £35.00 plus VAT per circuit after the initial seven circuits, this is only for domestic premises.

For Portable Appliance Testing we always recommend that you have a list of the items that you wish us to test. The reason why we mention this is because we find that people forget how many items they need tested after we have left. If we have to return, there would be a call out fee plus the item tested.


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We accept most major credit and debit cards. We no longer accept cheque as cheque guarantee card is no longer valid.
Payment must be made in full on the day, unless agreed with us before work commences.

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